Eddie & Bingo, by Katherine and Kathleen Taylor

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MWSA Review

Eddie and Bingo are the kind of heroes children will love and parents will want to be part of their family's life. This book is wonderful for many reasons and one of the most profound is the sense of normalcy the authors give to basic human kindness. There are no super-heroes, only young American sailors who lived a challenging chapter in American history with kindness and a sense of duty to even the smallest of "friends". Bingo is more than a puppy; he is a means for profound values to find expression in the unlikely setting of an aircraft carrier in the Pacific Fleet of 1951. "Eddie and Bingo" is a story that will become a treasure for its simple but profound lessons in history and its glimpse into compassion among military personnel.

Reviewed by: Carmen Stenholm (2011)

Author's Synopsis

Eddie and his buddies embark upon the journey of their lives aboard a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier.  As they cruise the Pacific Ocean they learn how important teamwork and friendships really are.  Then something happens aboard ship that changes their lives and sets them off on a new course they hadn't counted on!  Join Eddie and the rest of the crew to find out what happens next...