God + Military Spouse by Lori Kathleen Cline

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MWSA Review

It used to be said that if the military wanted you to have a spouse, they would have issued you one. Thankfully times have changed and the military spouse is now an integral part of any service member’s support team. But it’s not always easy. Author Kathleen Cline has been a married to a Navy man for 20 years and knows the stresses and difficulties of being a military wife and in this book she shares her experiences and advice with a heartfelt Christian perspective. It is Cline’s hope that military wives will form small prayer groups, develop strong Christian bonds and support each other in what she calls the roller coaster of ups and downs in marriage.

Each chapter discusses different situations a military wife might experience and offers insight on how to get through those difficult times. Cline truly understands and wants to help those who are overwhelmed by the extreme stresses of deployments and the changes that happen in marriages with the subsequent return of their spouses.

I’m not a military spouse but, I found myself drawn to Cline’s sincerity and insight in addressing issues important in any marriage, military or civilian. All marriages have their rough spots and it takes some personal fortitude and strength to keep focused on what is important. Cline, in a sense, has your back. As another helpful tool, several workbook style questions are asked at the end of each chapter to help readers confront and assess their own feelings.  On the last pages of the book, Cline shares bible verses to study that re helpful in addressing a particular issue. 

I would recommend this book to any military spouse who wants to strengthen her marriage and herself through her Christian faith.

Reviewed by: Gail Chatfield (2011)

Author's Synopsis

How many times have you gone to relax with friends only to end up in a gripe session about your marriage? You leave feeling even more exhausted and simply depressed. Learn to replace you idle coffee talk with more substantial Christian talk.

We all have problems, but military marriages endure more pressure than the average couple. Discussing marital issues is normal, but it should be done to discover the message of the Bible and what purpose God has for you, your spouse , and your children.

Insanity is when you do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. "Maybe I did not yell loud enough." "Maybe I did not stay silent long enough." " Maybe I should have withheld sex more often." These old tactics don't change anything or anyone, but they certainly do destroy.

Invite God into your marriage, and see how your attitude changes. What do you have to lose? Your way is not working. How about trying God's way?