You and Your Military Hero by Sara Jensen-Fritz, Paula Jones-Johnson, Thea L. Zitzow

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MWSA Review

A valuable resource for our military families! 

Hundreds of thousands of US military members have been continuously deployed overseas for the past several years.  A large number of them are serving, or will soon serve on their third, fourth, or even fifth deployment to Iraq or Afghanistan.  As a result, many experts fear that our armed forces are being stretched to the breaking point.  Due to this vastly increased level of overseas operations, our military families are increasingly being left to fend for themselves while their loved ones spend long periods of time away from home.  While the military does a great job of getting its soldiers, airmen, and Marines ready to do their jobs while deployed; they do a less thorough job of preparing the family members they leave behind.  It has become clear that the children of our deployed military members are paying an especially heavy price for this fact.  Department of Defense statistics indicate that mental health visits by the children of military members has nearly doubled since the first Iraq War.

Sara Jensen-Fritz, Paula Jones-Johnson, Thea L. Zitzow--co-authors of "You and Your Military Hero"--have come up with an extremely valuable resource for those facing the absence of deployed loved ones.  The book provides a series of games, calendars, cutouts, discussion topics, and exercises designed to encourage awareness, understanding, and to develop coping mechanisms.  By following the book's activities and suggestions, the children of our "military heroes" will learn to come to grips with their feelings and develop ways to handle the stress of family separation.  Although the book is geared largely for children and is narrated by Flipp--a friendly dog, who makes this a fun and entertaining experience--"You and Your Military Hero" is not solely for the kids.  Adult family members will also be able to strengthen their coping skills.  The breathing and meditation techniques outlined--to give just one example--would certainly benefit readers of all ages.

Endorsed by the national Military Family Association, the Military Child Education Coalition, and the founder of the National Association of School Psychologist's Military Families Interest Group, "You and Your Military Hero" is truly a valuable resource for our military families

Reviewed by: John Cathcart (2009)

Author's Synopsis

You and Your Military Hero helps children learn positive coping skills during a loved one's deployment and empowers children and military families to maintain positive outlooks during this challenging time.  Through positive, solution focused, and instructive activities, this activity journal makes building positive skills fun and effective.  Family members as well as professionals who work with military children, will find this an invaluable resource.