Sugar, Zeroes, and Lemon by Jim Greenwald

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Click on cover image to purchase a copy

MWSA Review

Poet Jim Greenwald has created a truly wonderful poetic journey for the heart and spirit. His poems capture moments from the heart and mind that readers will all be able to relate to. His poetry dances across relationships and examines the spaces between love and hurting. 

His poetry book "Sugar, Zeroes, and Lemon Drops" is one of those simple little books that you will find yourself reading many times. Perhaps, you will not read every poem again, but certainly some of those individual poems will resonate strongly within you. My favorite poem from his book is called "misplaced". I think the ending of it asks one of those personal and emotional questions that we have all asked of ourselves at one time: 

" I do each day, 
Hoping to find the place where I should be, 
I have a key... where is the door?" 

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2009)

Author's Synopsis

If you have never cried over someone who walked away, you have never loved. Poetry and love possess a symbiotic relationship. Poetry, like love, is best experienced. The deeper the experience, the better they are woven, the better the weave and the deeper the emotion. I hope my words reach into your soul. For when they do, I have succeeded and we have shared both smiles and teardrops on this, the stage we call life. May your life be filled with sugar and zeroes.