Immeasurable Spirit: Lessons of a Wounded Warrior by Latoya Lucas

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MWSA Review

This book is the story of a young woman, an Army soldier, wounded in a fierce battle in the Iraqi war. It is a remarkable story of how her undying faith carried her through suffering that few could comprehend.

  She explains in understandable words her thirst for helping others in their own times of terrible trials. She writes, ?I prayed to God to use me in a bountiful way?. She added many of her favorite scriptures throughout her story. She used those scriptures that she held onto at those particular times in her life.

 The attractive cover showing railroad tracks seeming to have no end depicts the immeasurable spirit that has no end.

 This book is a great testimony of how Faith in God can give so much strength to a terribly broken body. Her love for her Nation, her family, her fellow soldiers and the doctors that saved her life is evident in every page. I found it most amazing how she uses her time and energy motivating others. I got the idea that she draws a lot of strength for herself by doing so much for others. I found her positive outlook contagious.

I wish she had written more because I was sorry when I had finished the last page. The 138 pages were just not enough. Her lack of self pity, her strong patriotism and almost indescribable perseverance drew me into her story. I don?t think I can recommend this book to only one certain group of readers. Christians and non believers alike will gain from her writings here. Wounded soldiers alone are not the only ones that would become stronger by reading this. As an infantry soldier fromVietnam, I have gained greatly from her experiences. This work belongs on every book shelf.

Reviewed by: Don Arndt (2009)

Author's Synopsis

The Immeasurable Spirit: Lessons of a Wounded Warrior about Faith and Perseverance, was written with the personal insight and experience of a person who has faced and overcome tremendous adversity. Latoya Lucas brings us face to face with our innerselves while simultaneously sharing her experiences of perseverance and faith even after suffering severe wounds from her service with the U.S. Army in Iraq. Why is it that some people are able to overcome their fears and persevere through life s adversities? By reading Latoya s story, you will come to understand how a person with faith and determination could rely on that faith when tested during an unbelievable hardship. In The Immeasurable Spirit, Latoya explains that we all have the capability to be resilient, especially when we reach out to God for his wisdom and strength. Latoya encourages readers to seek out the often difficult task of rehabilitating and strengthening the mind and spirit. Command Sergeant Major Terrance McWilliams, US Army Retired and Former 1st Army Division West and Fort Carson Command Sergeant Major says about The Immeasurable Spirit, "There have been many stories written about female experiences in combat, this is the first that focuses on how faith and family values persevere."