Honor Due; By D.H. Brown

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Few Americans know about the American forces fighting with the Montagnards in the central highlands of Vietnam. A battlefield for some 30 years,“the ‘Yards” were one of the country’s 54 major ethnic groups. Allied with the Americans, the Montagnards were horribly persecuted by the victorious North Vietnamese after the American forces left the country in 1975, with many emigrating to the United States.

Author D.H. Brown, a Vietnam vet who fought with the Montagnards, has written a fast-paced thriller based on the CIA-Special Forces-Montagnard relationships that continued after 1975.

With the hero patterned after a special forces vet living in the Pacific Northwest rainforest, Brown’s story drags the hero, ex-Special Forces, back into the CIA- Spec Ops – Montagnard confusion of the late 1960’s – early 1970’s. His ‘yard’ friend suddenly and brutally murdered after an attempt on his own life, Brown’s hero finds himself falling in love with his friend’s daughter as they chase and are chased by a renegade CIA hit team. The action is realistic and convincing as our two defend themselves before a thrilling and surprising conclusion.

“Honor Due” is D.H. Brown’s first literary effort, and the first of a planned trilogy and is well worth reading.

MWSA Reviewer: Andrew Lubin

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