Across the Bridge; by jim greenwald

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MWSA Review

Words That ‘Bridge’ The Heart, Mind, and Soul

Life and life’s emotional kaleidoscope are artfully ‘bridged’ by poet, Jim Greenwald.  To capture the essence of life in its infinite forms and successfully translate these emotions and experiences into words is evidence of the author’s grasp and his intimate understanding of life and love.

The experiences of the human body, heart, mind, and soul are the genesis for who we are but, often, we overlook the obvious aspects of life that dictate, electrify, create havoc, or stabilize our existence … those emotions that dictate how we act … those emotions that dictate who we are … those emotions that indelibly touch our heart and inner core … those emotions that transcend life itself.

Jim Greenwald’s personal experiences, outlooks, and thoughts are reflected throughout his poetic stories.  ‘Across The Bridge’ causes the reader to pause and reflect upon his or her own life’s emotions and experiences that might otherwise have remained in obscurity, misinterpreted, or misunderstood.

This book receives MWSA’s TOP RATING OF FIVE STARS and my personal endorsement and recommendation to other readers.

MWSA Reviewer: Lloyd A. King

Author's Synopsis

A journey of the heart, enter and share the feelings, desires and emotions we all experience in this, the cauldron of the adventure we call life. Blended into who and what we become, who we wish to become. This is emotional poetry, sharing life and the deep feelings of the heart and soul. Each poem tells a story that I hope tugs at your heart or the corners of your mouth, and brings a tear to your eye or a smile to your heart.