My Dad's a Hero - by Rebecca Christiansen and Jewel Armstrong

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MWSA Review

MWSA 2007 Don Hanson Award for Creativity

Great New Military Story Book for Young Children. If you are or have a military dad who is serving overseas then the book “ My Dad’s A Hero” is a perfect gift for his children. It will help you with your young children in understanding where daddy is and what he is doing. It is an uplifting little book with wonderful illustrations by Jen O. Robertson and a nifty little story line by Rebecca Christiansen and Jewel Armstrong. 

I would think that even the youngest child could get something out of this book if read to them as they looked at the pictures on each page. 2nd to 6th grade students could read this book but all children will enjoy looking through it. The message is positive and comforting to small children. 

I highly recommend this book for military families. It is a good little book and will be read over and over by small kids. 

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2006)

Author's Synopsis
A children s book with war as a backdrop is not an easy subject to pull off. But the creators of Is Your Dad a Hero have found just the right approach. The reader they address is any child whose father is serving in the military, far away from home. These are children who miss their dads, worry about them, and have lots of conflicting emotions and unanswered questions. The authors know this is a tender subject for young readers and have kept the book uplifting and free from scary words like guns, war and fighting. The book gives kids permission to be happy and proud of their military dad.