Irish Eyes by Zoe Grider

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MWSA Review

An adventure story that has everything! Retired Army intelligence officer, turned novelist, Zoe Grider spins an adventure story unlike any other in her debut book "Irish Eyes". The story has a kind of female Rambo/James Bond/ kind of plot and is certainly not your typical woman leading character. We are talking dangerous encounters with terrorists and even sharks. 

The story is enjoyable and even though it may not be completely believable the reader will forget those issues and find himself or herself engrossed in the unfolding and fast paced plot. This is a high octane story that will keep the reader's attention until the final page.

The book does not lack for action, adventure and thrills. The book is written well and the author makes good use of just enough dialog to keep the first person narrative flowing with energy. The book might make a successful movie some day. Great first effort by this author and one would hope for a sequel. This book is worth buying and reading!

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald(2007)

Author's Synopsis

Irish Eyes spins Danny Kirk from a boring desk job with the Army into the adventure of her dreams. From the island beaches of Hawaii, to New Brunswick, Canada, and the woods of Virginia, Danny vows to protect the country and its people by any means possible.

Recruited by the Secret Security Agency, the sky is the only limit. Killer sharks, dangerous parachute jumps into dense rain forests, and deadly terrorists keep her second-guessing her decision to become part of a team of government-backed renegades.

Just as she gets comfortable with the idea, her former trainer, Sir Edward, tries to drown her and a crazed maniac attempts to kill her. Her anger drives her, even as she succumbs to a dark and sexy security officer, Phil Salio, and embarks on her first dangerous mission. But will her training be enough to keep her alive?