Tracings by Carolyn Howard-Johnson

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MWSA Review

Feminine Energy From the Soul of a Poet.  Author/Poet Carolyn Howard-Johnson displays a different side of her talented self through an unusual look at life and feelings in Tracings a collection of poetry that reflects a non-traditional structure, timing, wording and even personal outlook. This poetry does not fit neatly into most poetic styling formats. She is not afraid to hang a phrase or a feeling out there bare naked for others to ponder and absorb.

Her themes are as varied and diverse as her wandering thoughts allow. She does not self censor her feelings but allows them to reflect her inner voice. Her life observations are sometimes simply “photographed in words” or emotionally “painted” with many brush strokes across the canvas of the pages. Each poem stands alone and speaks for itself. Her individual words are not what matters but the magic of how she strings them together to create this visual concept of what she is sensing and feeling or remembering is boldly articulated and leaves the reader totally in tuned with what she was trying to convey.

Carolyn is a masterful and creative writer and this small collection of her poetry certainly proves that to be true beyond any doubts! There is a fire of feminine spiritual energy burning in her writings but also a powerful and steady hand of control that gives these poems a special kind of feeling. You too will notice that these simple poems are much more than what they appear to be.

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2006)

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