The L.P. by David Walks-As-Bear

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MWSA Review

Book Would Make Great Action Movie! David Walks-As-Bear has done it again, showing off his talents as a creative novelist and master writer of the thriller genre. His newest book, The L.P. (which is military lingo for a “listening post”) is filled with tons of action and suspense dealing with the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The plot of this story is what makes this book so damn interesting and frightening as well. What the men in this unit over hear and learn about is so diabolical in nature and outright evil that they have to pass this information on to their superiors even if it may cost them their own lives attempting to deliver it.

The author mixes some great characterizations in with a well thought out and terrifying plot that makes an explosive mixture that entertains. He will have you completely hooked on the storyline within a short period of time and it will become difficult to set the book down to go to bed, or to eat, or to do anything until you've read the final word.

The dialog is strongly written and the interaction between characters seems believable. The chemistry of the whole reading experience seems to work well. 

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2006)

Author's Synopsis
A story about the 2003 invasion of Iraq. At the war’s beginning, near the outskirts of Baghdad — an undermanned infantry squad and two young women are caught with legions of the Iraqi Republican Guard all around them. Death could come swiftly for the American soldiers assigned to the listening post. Do they fight, hide or surrender? Sgt. Parker is the man in charge and he can’t let any of those things happen. Because the L.P. has heard something sinister and no matter what the must be told.