Seas of Crisis by Joe Buff

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MWSA Review

Another undersea thriller from Joe Buff.  Joe Buff, the author that is most often compared to the likes of Tom Clancy, has done it again with his newest undersea thriller Seas of Crisis.  This novel has it all from heroes, villains and potential catastrophic events. It will grab you by the seat of your pants and drag you willingly into the depths of its story as you remain transfixed and unable to put the book down. It would be an understatement to say that it is a page burner; that would be like saying that a ton of napalm dropped on someone might ruin their day. This book is Joe’s best efforts in a long string of very good books.

The plot is made to seem plausible and the characters feel real. Good word phrasing and technological descriptions. One actually begins to believe the story line—which means that the author hooked us right in once again.

There is something very special about Joe Buff’s newest novel. If you are already a fan of his other novels then you will be wonderfully surprised at the new level of action and suspense that this volume offers us. This is a must read and must buy book!

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2006)

Author's Synopsis

The Allied Powers continue their uncertain and deadly war against the Fascist Berlin–Boer Axis. The Russians remain ostensibly neutral––but their actions hint at something far more dangerous. When the U.S. discovers that the Russians are providing the Axis powers with weapons technology that could shift the balance of power, Captain Jeffrey Fuller, one of the most decorated heroes in the U.S. Navy, is called in to put an end to this potentially catastrophic Russian involvement.

The plan to punish Russia is audacious. It is bold. And it is potentially suicidal. Jeffrey Fuller's orders are to clandestinely transport commandos to Russia, where they will infiltrate a nuclear missile facility, and fire one of their weapons––at the United States. If the plan is successful, the commandos, posing as German forces, will destroy the missile at it reaches the atmosphere, creating a dramatic shift in global politics and forcing Russia to ally with the United States against Germany.