Iraq: Providing Hope by Eric Holmes

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MWSA Review

A Collection of Stories from 50 people involved with Rebuilding Iraq. The book Iraq: Providing Hope is a fascinating collection of interesting and at times, even provocative, personal life experiences from 50 people involved with the rebuilding efforts of Iraq. Eric Holmes and Michael Parkhouse put this anthology into a logical and emotional order that helps the reader get a better sense of what is happening in Iraq.

There are no other books like this out there on the present world situation. It offers first hand observations of the mundane and sometimes the frightful events going on. This is not just a military tale of war but a telling of the human experience from both military and civilian point of view.

The stories are woven together like a huge jigsaw puzzle. It is the totality of all the pieces of this historic puzzle that gives you a much bigger and more focused perceptive of what this whole effort in Iraq is all about. This multi-viewed story telling is like looking at an aerial photo of a battle field for an understanding of what has happened. The editing smoothly ties it all together so that it moves and flows with energy and keeps the reader’s interest throughout the book.

This book needs to be read by people trying to understand the mission and the purpose of what the USA is doing in Iraq. It gives you a view that you are not getting in the media today. Put this book on your reading list!

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2006)

Author's Synopsis

Over fifty people tell their stories of what they did and what they saw in Iraq. This is a diverse group from military, civilians, government workers and Iraqis. This composite paints a true picture of what is going on in Iraq. These stories bring out the details that headlines and sound bites cannot. To get a complete picture, this book is a must.