Highest Traditions (Video Short) by Tony Lazzarini

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MWSA Review

When I finished reading Tony's book I found it to be right on the money about that long ago life event; I felt I was back in my old helicopter company in Vietnam. Tony takes you back and shows you how it was to be a door-gunner, crew-chief or a pilot. For those who have been there it feels real and is authentic--to those who were not, it is an education in how it felt to be there. This is a must read book. It is okay for teenagers to read - it is not overly offensive and sticks to the story line. I rate this book among the best written in 2003 on the Vietnam War. 

This book is an easy read - it follows a logical path and can be read all at once or in pieces as time permits. It is an award winning book having received awards and recognition from various organizations including the American Authors Association and the MWSA. 

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2004)

Author's Synopsis

Fly in a UH-1D (Huey) helicopter in Vietnam as a door gunner when the average life span was an expected 20 seconds in combat. Learn about the equipment, men and missions. A different kind of war story takes the reader inside the author's mind during his 21 month tour of duty. Read how helicopter missions were flown and why. Fly with the 25th Aviation "A" Company "Little Bears", one of the most decorated helicopter units of the Vietnam War. Twelve full color pictures.