Sniper Shot by Barry Ozeroff

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MWSA Review

A Police and Robber Story With A Major Twist! Author Barry Ozeroff in his debut novel Sniper Shot takes the reader for a real thrill ride filled with intrigue and a series of unexpected twists. His book has all the markings of becoming a best seller. It has an intelligent plot and great characters that the author has done a good job fleshing out for the reader. This book is not filled with lots of moral messages but it is full of pure exciting entertainment adventure. This is a man’s kind of book that can be read and enjoyed equally by a woman.

My son is a police officer, so I had some idea of what that job is like. However, I did not have a clue as to what it might be like for officers on a special response team such as a sniper. The author writes with much authority and seems to understand the emotional liabilities that occupation might have on men under stress. The dialog is done well and does not feel contrived. This is a good old fashion adventure thriller to read and kill an afternoon or a night. Great suspense novel! A must read book!

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2005)

Author's Synopsis
Sniper Shot is the dramatic, suspense-filled debut novel about the ongoing and potentially deadly conflict between Ben Geller, primary sniper on the Stratton, Oregon Special Response Team and Bob Slater, the team's secondary sniper. Despite Slater's superior marksmanship, Geller is the primary sniper because Slater, a world-class long distance, high-powered rifle competitive shooter, lacks the patience and discipline needed to assume the position of primary sniper. Sniper Shot takes readers deep into the world of this special elite team, moving toward the kind of showdown nobody expects between Geller and Slater—one of them is a robber and murderer, and the game of cat and mouse between the two, sets up a taut, dramatic finale.