Saving Babylon by Paul Holton

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MWSA Review

There are very few books that capture the whole essence of the war going on in Iraq--with all the tribal, religious, historical and cultural divisions that plague the country. "Saving Babylon" is a whole new and most refreshing look at that war and the people who serve there. It will not only open your eyes and your mind but it will also open your heart. The author found a purpose much higher than just conducting war; he tried to make a difference in the lives of those he met there. To that end he was successful! 

Author Paul Holton (Better known by many around the world as "Chief Wiggles") writes a memoir of his tour of duty in Iraq, as an interrogator for the U.S. Army, which gives the reader a real inside look at what was and is going on there. He writes about the captured generals that he personally spent months interrogating. More importantly, is the way he does it. As a former soldier, I was pleased to read how Chief Warrant Officer Holton, made it a point to uphold the principles of "The Geneva Conventions of War." He used his personality--not torture or cruel punishments (as we have read so much about in the media) to extract information from POWs. He approached his job as a professional with a humanitarian heart and not just with the POWs but with the children of the country. 

The book is a wonderful read for men, women and even for mature children. It is on the MWSA "Top Ten Recommended Reading List" for 2005. 

"Chief Wiggles" created a non-profit foundation to bring toys and supplies to those in need inside Iraq. This operation almost cost him his career but in the end, he was even recognized by the President of the United States in a speech at a prayer breakfast. The author writes a great story about his personal experiences; but his example as a humanitarian soldier will be his legacy. I am forever grateful for men like Paul Holton who served and gave so much from their heart. His foundation is called "Operation Give" and can be found on the web at: [...] 

The Military Writer's Society of America recognizes Paul Holton's efforts with their "Humanitarian Award for 2005". Author James Finnegan has followed his other great book " The Sage of a Student Warrior" with a continuation of his warrior's -James Callaghan - adventures. This time, we are taken to Vietnam where the young Lieutenant finds himself in the heart of South Vietnam - Saigon; and deep in war.

The story is only fiction - but you become involved with the story, just as if it were happening to yourself. Well told tale - and well worth reading.

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2005)

Author's Synopsis

Saving Babylon is the gripping account of an Army interrogator in the Iraq War. Holton’s techniques, honed over 34 years, got him inside the hearts of Iraqis. He dealt with the best and the worst of Iraqi society on a daily basis. He interrogated Iraqi generals, judges, political candidates, POWs and common crooks. He saw freedom take root.

Holton saw more good being done than the media has ever published or broadcast. It’s time Americans read that side of the story.