Chopper by Robert F. Dorr

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MWSA Review

Best Military Helicopter History Book Ever Written! Author Robert Door has finally outdone himself after sixty plus books and he gives us the best history book of military helicopters that I have ever read.  “Chopper” is full of history of both the men and machines.  His book covers the history of military helicopters from WWII all the way to our “War on Terrorism.”

I was enthralled by the stories that he presents about some of people and places that I know well.  The book has its share of real heroes like Medal of Honor recipient Mike Novosel who flew air combat missions in 3 wars.  I met Mike when he flew our Huey (old 091) from Fort Rucker to Florida during the first day of filming for the documentary, “In the Shadow of the Blade,” in October 2002.  I was so honored to be onboard as a part of that crew.  The man is almost a god in the world of helicopter aviation and Dorr does a great job capturing the events that lead to his being awarded that medal.

There are no other books that I have read that covers such historic ground, as this book does, like the first helicopter rescues in WWII in Burma and Korea.  Dorr shows us the evolutionary unfolding of how the helicopter was used for medical evacuations and for carrying troops.  There is not a boring or dry chapter in “Chopper.”  The interviews with old crew members, with their own insights and comments, add depth to the narrative.  The book even mentions in passing, one of those small and heroic helicopter assault companies in Vietnam—The 128th Assault Helicopter Company (Better known as the Tomahawks and the Gunslingers).  It also happens to be my old unit back in 1966 and 1967 so the author really had my attention.  He also gets my appreciation for having included a mention of my old brothers.

There are lots of photos and stories from all the modern day wars and actions.  This is a great read for all readers.  It is well worth buying and keeping this hardback book.  There are none better of this genre!  

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2005)

Author's Synopsis
Real-life stories from the pilots and the passengers. 

From its first use in military operations, during a rescue mission behind enemy lines in 1944, to its crucial role in Vietnam, to the Black Hawk combat copters in the current war on terror, the helicopter changed the face of aviation-and the face of warfare. Whether they are bringing supplies and medical help or coming to the rescue of trapped soldiers, the modern battlefield could not function without them.