Surviving Deployment by Karen M. Pavlicin

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Click on cover image to purchase a copy

MWSA Review

A Must Have Guide for All Military Families! There are some books that you need to make a go of your life—the Bible for some, a first-aid book for others, a how to fix everything in your life “For Dummies” book for most of the rest of us. However, if you are a military family, then Karen Pavlicin’s book “Surviving Deployment – A guide for military families” is your survival book and should be on the top of the list. This is like taking a course in “Military Family 101A” without any college credits and no tuition.

This is the best book of its kind out there and one that should become a tool that all military families should have close at hand. There is so much great advice and information. With this book you can take a lot of the anxiety and fear out of going through any deployment. This book gives you that kind of emotional support and practical wisdom. There are also personal stories from many families and checklists that are “real world” helpful!

It is well written and easy to read. It covers so many areas and subjects from how to handle finances to problems with your children. There is not much ground that the author does not cover and relate to in some way. Reading this book can reduce the stress levels associated with military deployments through knowledge and education.

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2005)

Author's Synopsis

As part of today's active duty or reserve forces, your loved one may be called to war, peacekeeping missions, anti-terrorism campaigns, field exercises, disaster relief, and many other duties far from home--and you.

Surviving Deployment is your personal guide to turning an otherwise lonely and challenging situation into a positive experience.

Learn what to expect, how to prepare, and how to personally grow as individuals and families. Your survival gear will range from a sturdy toilet plunger to the fine art of letter writing. You'll manage financial changes, help children express their feelings, and discover a renewed appreciation for everyday life.

Solid information. Practical checklists. Personal stories from hundreds of families.