Voices of Vietnam by Charlene Edwards

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MWSA Review

Charlene Edwards has put together a wonderfully deverse and mosaic puzzle that refects the human side of the Vietnam War. She has captured the spiritual and emotional energies of those she interviewed and photographed in her book. The book not only has wonderful photos but the text bleeds with heart felt stories.

Her 10 year quest to share the feelings and images of those personal experiences was a gift to the rest of us. I found myself moved to tears at times, by the images and stories she has introduced us to in her book. I am richer for having had the experience of reading this book.

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2004)

Author's Synopsis
Through powerful personal narratives and photographs, this examination of the lives touched by the Vietnam War draws from the experience of those people, both American and Vietnamese, affected by the war on the battlefront and at home. Stories recounted include those of the soldiers, nurses, refugees, American Asian survivors, and of those who fearfully awaited the return of friends and family members. Ultimately, the stories reflect moments of history in the hope and despair that define individuals' lives.