Outlaws in Vietnam by David L. Eastman

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MWSA Review

Author David Eastman treats the reader to an insider view of one of the best aviation units in the Delta during the Vietnam War. This was a totally different kind of war and his historic look back at the 175th Aviation Company from 1966 through 1967 is a real snap shot of that special kind of helicopter warfare. His book, "Outlaws in Vietnam," is a masterpiece of writing. It loses nothing in the details and the historic reconstruction of memories. The author takes us along on the missions and we get to meet some of the men in the unit. 

The action is a real accounting of what it was like. This book will take you on a flight of adventure safely from your sofa but emotionally you will be with this group of men all the way from the beginning to the end. You will get your money's worth of this unit's story along with some black and white photos. 

David does a great job writing this historic memoir. The MWSA gives it highest rating to this book. 

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2004)

Author's Synopsis

Ride a Huey with the Outlaws of the 175th Aviation Company (AML) in the Mekong Delta and experience a first-hand, first Lieutenant's account, of a tour in Vietnam from 1966-1967. Eastman's lively prose reveals an exciting untold story of camaraderie, competence and fellowship. The aviation units were the sole combat element of the U.S. Army that kept their discipline and spirit.