Love and Duty by Ben and Ann Purcell

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MWSA Review

Ben and Anne have written a very moving account of their experiece - one that left me inspired and with wet eyes. It shows how faith and love can help us to endure whatever evils we are tested with in life. I have had the honor to meet them both in person this year while working with the documentary "In The Sahdow of The Blade". I was on our huey helicopter when Ben took his first ever ride on any helicopter, since being shot down in South Vietnam and taken prisoner by the VC and NVA. He is a man of great faith and love - and of course, courage! Anne is a lady of great courage herself and the love that they both show in person and in this book for each other, is inspiring. This book is one of the best I have ever read on POWs, love or on courage. I highly recommend it to all - and not just those who wish to read about the war. This book captures so much more of the spiritual side of life that it will be a great value to anyone who reads it.

Reviewed by: Bill McDonald (2004)

Author's Synopsis
A POW and his wife recall the desperation and courage that marked his five-year captivity in North Vietnam, revealing how both husband and wife were able to remain hopeful despite a seemingly hopeless situation.