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Book Review/Award Submission

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End of Season Note: We are experiencing a heavy volume of last-minute submissions. Please note that we may not be able to process your book’s review and award consideration before the end of the 2018 season. If this happens, your book will automatically be rolled over into the 2019 season.

Cost: $40.  
     Three MWSA reviewers will read and score your book (one of whom will write a review).  
    Please note that you must be an MWSA member in good standing in order for us to consider your book for review and award consideration.

NOTE: After submitting your book details, you'll still need to scroll up to find (and click on) the "shopping cart"--normally located near the top right of the screen.  Your transaction will not complete until filling out and submitting both the book details and payment forms.  You must fill out the payment form even if you'll be mailing in your check separately.

If paying by check:

  • Warning! Paying via check will delay your book submission until your check for $40 is received and credited to our account. Payment must be RECEIVED on or before June 15th to have your book reviewed or considered for award in the current year.

  • Make $40 check payable to "Military Writers Society of America" and mail to MWSA (c/o John Cathcart), PO Box 355, Great Falls, SC 29055

  • On checkout leave credit card info blank, but you'll need to re-enter your name and address

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