Shopping Cart Problem


Some users of our online store have reported problems when using a Safari web browser or when trying to make a purchase on their Mac or Apple device (iPhone or iPad). 

If you add an item to your shopping cart but can't find the actual shopping cart button, you can use the steps below to complete your purchase.

 This is what your shopping cart SHOULD look like.

This is what your shopping cart SHOULD look like.


  • Shopping cart won't appear until you've added an item for purchase.
  • It normally appears near the top right of your screen.


Click for a larger image

After adding an item to your cart:

  • The website is keeping track of your desired item(s)
  • The cart button is probably "hiding" near the top of your screen
    • See image above to see what the button is supposed to look like
  • Click on that small, black shape
    • Image to the right shows where it's "hiding"

Shopping Cart Page
Click for larger image

  • Once you click on that hidden button, you'll be taken to the shopping cart page
    • See image to right
  • After verifying your order, click on the "Checkout" button
  • You'll progress to the checkout page to complete your order