Raven's Redemption: A Cybertech Thriller; by John D. Trudel

MWSA Review

John Trudel’s Raven is back for his second thriller, and this time it’s not just terrorists in his sights!

Raven and his partner-turned-lover Josie are back, but they just barely survived their last mission in Raven’s Run and both must do some serious healing before they go active again.  However, events force them back into the covert operations game, and they along with John Block and Dr. Goldfarb must act to save the President.  If the President dies, not even Josie’s clairvoyance can see what’s going to happen.

Trudel picks up where he left off in Raven’s Run, with thrilling action, entertaining characters, really bad “bad guys,” all on a canvas that at times is way more truth than fiction.  Readers will love Raven and Josie, worry about Black, hate the bad guys, and through the whole story be more than just a little afraid that the entire thing is just a bit too plausible.  Raven is every bit as engaging and likable as Cussler’s Dirk Pitt or Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan; flawed, but driven to do the right thing even if he needs to break some eggs along the way.

Fans of Clancy, Cussler, Dale Brown, and those of that ilk will enjoy this.

Review by Rob Ballister, MWSA Awards Director 

Author's Synopsis:
Raven’s ragtag team thwarted an EMP attack by terrorists with Iranian nukes, but paid a terrible price. Everyone on his team was badly injured. A peaceful neighborhood was left in flames.

Raven’s partner Josie, a gentle psychic with exceptional powers, is catatonic. Her mind shut down from the trauma of red, raw combat. She is gone along with their dreams of someday having normal lives.

Raven swore to protect her. She trusted him, but he failed. They were outnumbered and outgunned in their own Homeland.

From the White House to the UN, our enemies have friends in high places. Instead of targeting civilian populations, terrorists will now directly attack America’s leaders and the thin black line of agents that protect us. Remove the protectors and the sheep will be helpless.

Without Josie or government support, what can Raven do? Can he find redemption?

ISBN/ASIN: 978-0997805239
Book Format(s): Hard cover, Soft cover, ePub, Kindle
Genre(s): Fiction, Historical Fiction, Mystery/Thriller
Number of Pages: 404