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11 Nov. Board Meeting Minutes (new board)


Broad of Directors Meeting

Military Writers Society of America

11 November 2018     Hilton Garden Inn, Mt Pleasant, South Carolina




1.  After due notice was given, the 2019-2020 WMSA Board of Directors held their first meeting at 9:30 AM, 11 November in the board room of the Hilton Garden Inn, Mt Pleasant, South Carolina. Attending were President Bob Doerr, Secretary Joe Epley and Director John Cathcart.  Participating by phone were Vice President George Jackson, and Directors Jim Tritton, Phil Keith and Larry Greenly. Absent was Treasurer Hugh Simpson.



President Doerr opened the meeting by noting the date was the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One. He welcomed the new members and explained how the board operated.



Minutes of the last meeting were not presented because of the timing on the meeting.  The Secretary said minutes would be distributed as soon as possible.



No treasurer's report was presented.


5.  2018 CONFERENCE   

a.  Joe Epley stated the conference was a financial success with cost for the conference at $4,731.43.  There were fewer attendees than past conferences, much less than anticipated.  The programs were well received and no complaints received from the members attending. 

b.  Doerr asked Epley to have a policy on refunding fees to those who fail pay, but fail to come to the annual meetings.  Epley is also to produce a check list for the next conference.


c.  John Cathcart reported that 38 book awards were presented from among the 71 books submitted. Twelve of the winners were at the awards banquet to receive their award in person. The inaugural Michael Mullins Writer of the Year Award was presented to Phyllis Mullins, his widow. The Founders Award was given to Rick St. John.




a.       Jim Tritton said plans were running smoothly with the South West Writers group for next year's conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The conference will be held 12-15 September 2018 at the Hotel Albuquerque in the city's Old Town section.


b.       On motion made and seconded, the board voted to authorize the president and secretary to sign an agreement with the Southwest Writers to share in the expenses of the conference. It was noted that several members of the Southwest Writers Group were also members of MWSA.  ANNEX B


c.       Epley said he would send Tritton information on the Charleston conference to help with his planning.


d.       Tritton reported that in keeping with a long tradition of MWSA, a Writers Workshop would be held at the Raymond G. Murphy VA Medical Center in Albuquerque on the first day of the conference.


7.  2019 GOALS


Doerr outline the goals of WMSA for the following year.  They are:

          a.  Seek corporate contributions and reduce MWSA dues for members.

          b.  Increase the value of membership in the MWSA.

          c.  Increase the resources available through MWSA members.

          d.  Better network with other veterans writers group.

          e.  Make the website more usable by WMSA members.

          f.  Improve the distribution of MSA Dispatches to members.

          g.  Increase member participation in the 2019 conference

          e.  Improve and increase the monthly email to members




Doerr explained that the MWSA works on a committee system and that each board member is expected to serve on a committee.  Board Members were asked to report which committee they wanted to serve by the next meeting.




a.  AWARDS.  Cathcart stated he would serve as chair of the awards committee for another year.  He is thinking of limited the books to be reviewed to 50 and will make a recommendation next meeting.  The recommendation will depend on the the number of volunteers he can get for reviewers. He outlined the procedures for grading and keeping records of reviews to make it simpler for the awards committee.,


b.  WEB SITE   Cathcart said he was perfecting a way for group editing as a way of reducing emails going back and fourth and having a depository for MWSA records.  Hopeful all board members will make use of this tool. This will be on an admin section of


c. CONFLICT OF INTEREST.  Epley informed members that MWSA had a Conflict of Interest policy and each member had to signed a form stating they were award of the policy and will comply with it.  This is a requirement for 501c3 organizations. He will send it to board members within the week for them to sign and return to him.




a.  2020 ANNUAL MEETING -  Members will be surveyed to determine choices for the 2020 meeting. Doerr emphasized that a member needs to live in or near the city chosen and agrees to coordinate with the hotel,


b.  The next quarterly meeting of the board of directors will be a conference call at 4.30 P.M.EST Wednesday 6 February.


There being no further business, on motion duly made and seconded, the meeting was adjourned.

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