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Our dues and membership options changed on July 1, 2019. Explore these FAQs to learn more details.

Membership Types and Options:

  • Active Member
    • 1-year member
    • 2-year member
    • 3-year member
    • Lifetime member*
  • Associate member
  • Volunteer

* MWSA is no longer offering lifetime member status to our membership. We have "grandfathered" all members granted (or paying for) that status in the past.

  • 1-, 2-, and 3-year members (with up-to-date dues)
    • Cost
      • 1-year membership @ $50/year
      • 2-year membership @ $45/year ($90 or 10% discount)
      • 3-year membership @ $40/year ($120 or 20% discount)
    • Benefits and Access
      • Able to submit book for review & award consideration
      • Full access to all MWSA programs and initiatives
      • Full access to all members-only sections of website
      • Able to vote in MWSA elections and participate in all member polling
  • Associate member
    • Cost: free
    • Benefits and Access
      • Receives all informational news and conference email "Blasts"
      • Cannot submit book for review & award consideration
      • Limited/No access to MWSA programs and initiatives
      • Cannot access members-only sections of website (except their personal profile page)
      • Cannot vote in MWSA elections, and may not be able to participate in polling
  • Volunteer
    • Cost: free
    • Same benefits as Associate member
    • The MWSA board is still working on other possible benefits for our non-member volunteers. Please stay tuned!

Other membership questions and instructions:

As of July 1, 2019, all new levels of membership are available on the membership section of our website.

New or renewing members can select each of these new membership levels as they join us for the first time, or renew their membership status.

Caution for renewing members: Our membership software is not able to handle the situation where you change your membership level BEFORE the expiration of your current membership! The website will warn you that there will be no refund of the remaining balance of your membership term. However, if you decide to change your level of MWSA membership, one of our membership managers will adjust your dues expiry date. (see detailed explanation in the next FAQ item).

Submit your application to be an associate member. You will not be asked to pay any dues, and will start getting our informational emails.

Every year, we'll send you a renewal notice. At that time, you can 1) join MWSA as a full member, 2) continue as an associate, or 3) let us know that you're no longer interested in hearing from us.

We are asking all associate members to "renew" annually just to make sure that you're "still there" and still interested in hearing from us!

If you know the email address you used to first join us, but forgot your password, you can go to the "Existing Members" page, and have a look at the Profile section. There, you'll find a link that says, "Forgot password." Once you click there, our membership system will send you a password reset email.

If that doesn't work, try clicking here to go to to our membership website. Once on the log-in page, just click on the "Forgot password" and follow the instructions.

If you're having a bad day, and forgot both your email address (user name) and password, you can always use our main website's membership page to ask any question or get help from one of our membership experts. Click here to go there now.

Yes we do!

Just log in to our "Existing Members" page's Profile section, and you'll be able to save or print out a card that includes your name, member level, and renewal date.

We are the Military Writers Society of America. To maintain that connection to the military, our bylaws describe the types of military affiliation required for membership.

In the past, we didn't bother with verifying (or even asking about) our members' connection to the military. In this new section, we're now asking members to share their connection with us.

In the future, we plan to keep track of our membership demographics by asking which military branch of service applies to our members (Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, etc.). Although voluntary, we'll be able to use these types of data to understand the makeup of our membership and to better meet your specific needs and desires.

Due to privacy concerns, we shut down the member directory until we can assure that we're appropriately safeguarding our members' privacy.

We'll let everyone know when we're ready to turn that directory back on.

Yes, please check back later!


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