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Bill was born in 1946 in San Francisco California.  He is an author, award winning poet, artist, actor, international motivational speaker, former radio show host, advisor and consultant to films and documentaries, interfaith minister, advocate for veterans, yoga meditation teacher, a decorated Vietnam War veteran, a member of several non-profit organizations for PTSD veterans and suicide prevention, and he is spiritual advisor and confident to many from all walks of life.

He is also the founder of The American Authors Association (AAA).  He is a member of The American Legion Post 233, The Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter #500,  Amvets, The Military Order of The Purple Heart and works with other veteran organizations  as a chaplain when needed.

During the Vietnam War he was a crew-chief/door-gunner on a UH-1 Huey Helicopter with the famed “Tomahawks”  - The 128th Assault Helicopter Company.  His tour-of-duty was from October 1966 to October 1967. He was awarded many ribbons and medals including: The Distinguished Flying Cross, The Bronze Star Medal, The Purple Heart, and 14 Air Medals. He was wounded when his helicopter was shot down in April of 1967. He was also blown up by a rocket and injured in July of 1967.

His autobiography “A Spiritual Warrior’s Journey” first published in 2003 tells of his life experiences not only in the war but also embraces his formative years and the decades after he got back from the war.  His next two books were poetry and prose.  “Sacred Eye: Poetry in Search of the Divine” won him a $25,000 publisher’s prize as the best poetry book of 2004.  His book of war poetry “Purple Hearts: Poetry of the Vietnam War” won public acclaims and honors as well.

He has two most recent books continue his life stories.  “Warrior: A Spiritual Odyssey” and “Alchemy of an Old Warrior’s Heart”.  He is currently working on a non-fiction book on Life and spiritual related advice for late 2016 publishing.  

His personal life stories have been featured in over a dozen books and anthologies and he has had many articles in magazines such as Parade Magazine and The Self-Realization Fellowship Magazine.

Bill travels the world to speak and talk about love and forgiveness and holds workshops promoting the same. He never changes for veteran events. He has been involved with several documentary films and movies as a advisor or to narrate or write or be a part of.  He is most famous for his time working on the film “In The Shadow of The Blade” for The Military Channel.  He made a suggestion to the ending of the indie film about Iraq veterans “Trooper” that was incorporated successfully into the ending of that movie.

Bill has given the MWSA his blessings and love and has been the motivational energy behind the directions it has been taking.  His dream was to have a place of safety for his veteran family community. He is still having major health issues with his heart and other related problems but he devotes as much energy and time as he can to move this dream of his forward.

He graduated from San Jose City College with a AA degree in Labor Studies and from The University of San Francisco with a BA in Public Service Administration.  He is still married to his high school girlfriend and has two grown children and 6 grandchildren.  He lives in the Sacramento area in Elk Grove, California near his grandchildren.

His website The Vietnam Experience www.vietnamexp.com is one of the most visited of that war on the Internet. Millions visit it each year. Many universities and high schools across the nation and even from around the world have come to use it as a resource for their classes.

Although he has cut back on his travels he still manages to do talks and workshops across the country. He has done workshops and lectures in India and Germany as well.  He honors one member each year with his Founder’s Award.  He looks not only at the artistic excellence required but also at the message delivered.  He wants to spread hope and love and forgiveness and he looks for these qualities and messages when he gives out his award.

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