Spirit Warrior/ Charlie Hunt One by Harvey E Baker

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Author's Synopsis

Recon Scout Sniper, Blackfoot Indian Marine, named Two Feathers, is tasked with locating the 419th NVA Battalion suspected of being on Charlie Ridge in Quang Nam Province, Vietnam. Along the way, he rescues a German shepherd named Rommel from the Viet Cong. It is a was story about survival against impossible odds and the bond between a man and a dog.

Genre(s): Fiction, Historical Fiction, History
Format(s): Soft cover, ePub/iBook
ISBN/ASIN: ASIN# BOOFJOOEXU-, ISBN-10 # 1521468435-, ISBN-13 # 978-1521458432

About the author:

Harvey E. Baker was born and raised in the Finger Lakes region of up-state, New York. After graduating high school in 1965, Harvey enlisted in the Marine Corps. Along the way, Harvey volunteered to serve in Marine Scout Dogs and eventually did two tours in Vietnam, in 1966-67 and 1968. Harvey joined the Washington, D.C. Police Department in 1968, and served in the Fifth Precinct and later in the 1st District in a variety of jobs as a patrolman, and as a plainclothesman before retiring from an injury. Harvey is a father of two and a grandfather of three, and now lives in up-state New York with his supportive, understanding and loving significant other, Shelly. Harvey is also a life member of DAV, VFW and Vietnam Veterans of America, and is a staunch police and veterans advocate. Although Harvey has written for newsletters and published short stories here and there over the years, retirement gave him the time and opportunity to write and publish his first novels. All seven of his other novels are available on Amazon.