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Writer of the Year


Dale Dye

Mike Mullins Memorial
MWSA Writer of the Year for 2019


Dale Dye served in Vietnam with the United States Marine Corps for three tours, surviving 31 major combat operations. Highly decorated, including three Purple Hearts for wounds suffered in combat, he spent 13 years as an enlisted Marine, rising to the rank of Master Sergeant before he was chosen to attend Officer Candidate School. Appointed a Warrant Officer in 1976, he later converted his commission and was a Captain when he was sent to Beirut with the Multinational Peacekeeping Force in 1982- 83. 

After retiring from the Marine Corps, Dye founded Warriors, Inc., the leading military consultancy to motion pictures and television. His firm has worked on more than 50 film and television productions including several Academy Award and Emmy winners such as Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers. He is also a consummate character actor. In addition, he has written 14 novels, including the critically acclaimed “Shake Davis” series, along with Run Between the Raindrops, Platoon, Outrage, Conduct Unbecoming, and Duty and Dishonor. He is currently in pre-production on his feature-film directorial debut, No Better Place to Die.


Dale has a solid track record as an author. Of his 14 published novels, Dale has submitted four to MWSA for review and award consideration over the years—all four won medals!

Other Pursuits

Captain Dale A. Dye, USMC (Ret) came to Hollywood with a vision. He had a single mission in mind…to change how American civilians view the common grunt. Having been around infantrymen all his life and having been one himself, he knew that the majority are intelligent, creative, and full of heart…and the image of the dumb cannon-fodder blindly following orders not only was not true…but was a grave disservice to those brave servicemen who had risked and often gave their lives so that our nation could survive and prosper. So he looked for the best medium available to reach the hearts and minds of the public, and chose the film and television industry to spread his message.

The Warriors Publishing Group is the brainchild and special interest of Julia Dewey Dye, Ph.D. (Dale’s wife), who leads this charge directed at bringing our audiences some of the very best in military-themed literature and she’s a tough taskmaster. She’s rounding up some excellent works by combat-veteran authors who want their works offered to people who get the message: War stories need to be published, distributed and consumed if we are to understand the mentality and motivation of military people. And we must do that to appreciate their service and sacrifice on behalf of this nation and our people. That’s a worthy endeavor and it’s what our little band of authors and editors is dedicated to at the Warriors Publishing Group.

The Warriors Publishing Group continues to steer their authors to MWSA—suggesting that they become members and submit their books into our review and awards system. Several of these books have won MWSA awards.