Training Slides
Used for initial and recurrent reviewer training

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Training Accomplishment Form
Document you initial or recurrent training

After going through the above training slides, please click on the black button below to complete your initial or recurrent reviewer training.*

The reviewer training form will open in a new browser window or tab and ask for your…

  • name and email address

  • format preference (i.e. paper, e-book, or both)

  • address (only required if you’re accepting paper review copies)

You’ll then be able to take a short, 10-question multiple-choice quiz OR ask for further training (including a one-on-one session with one of our awards directors).

* Although not required, all reviewers are encouraged to use this form each year. :-)


Training and Instructional Videos

Navigation & Basics

  • How to find our website and the reviewers’ page

  • Overview of reviewer administration section of our website

  • Use of menus


Book Selection

  • How to find books available for review

  • Get details about book

  • Let Awards Directors know which book(s) you’d like to read and evaluate


Updates and reviewer info

Reviewer Updates

  • Reviewer Update 11/10/2018

    • Briefing given during our general membership conference in Charleston

    • Includes results and observations from our reviewer poll.