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Legend of the Lost Tiki, The

Title: The Legend of the Lost Tiki
Author: Jan E. Culbertson
Genre: Children's, Young Adult
Reviewer: Bill McDonald

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1589093151

Bianca, Alyssa, and their mother set out for an adventure to Hawaii. The girls are eager to go swimming, attend a Hawaiian luau, learn to surf, and maybe do a little shopping. On the very first night, the family gets to attend a luau where the girls get to try out Hawaiian dancing. During the big event, the sisters also make a friend, Kaimi. Kaimi had sung a traditional Hawaiian song at the luau. This touching song told the tale of how the first Hawaiians came to the island and how a Tiki had been responsible for their safe journey. The saddest part of the song was that this Tiki had been lost and the Hawaiian people wished that someday it would be found. Perhaps the two sisters can help.The Legend of the Lost Tiki is quite enjoyable. The girls have adventurous souls and are always ready for a new adventure whether it is learning to surf or tracking down antiquity smugglers. What will Bianca and Alyssa do next?

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Culbertson, Jan E.

Four Little Children - A Likely Story, The

Title: The Four Little Children - A Likely Story
Author: Larry Michalove
Genre: Children, Under 12
Reviewer: Bill McDonald

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 0595347991

Have you ever ridden on a magic carpet or tamed a cage full of savage beasts from the darkest jungles of Africa? Adventurous siblings Lisa, David, Stacy, and Karen Michalove have!

Under the care of a jolly elf, the Michalove children go on fanciful journeys among the stars, under the sea, to the North Pole, and to many other unusual, fascinating places. They encounter talking ants and farm animals, dancing pumpkins, and green cheese-eating Martians. But no matter where they go or who they meet, from the darkest recesses of a cave to the farthest reaches of the moon, Lisa, David, Stacy, and Karen always return to the comforts of home and family.

These treasured stories, originally written to connect a father at war in Vietnam with his four kids back home in America, will inspire children to expand their imaginations while learning important lessons about love, respect, and responsibility. Encouraging a unique closeness between parents and their children, this read-aloud collection will whisk families away on truly fantastic adventures.

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Michalove, Larry

Daddy You're My Hero

Title: Daddy You're My Hero
Author: Michelle Ferguson-Cohen
Genre: Children, Children Under 12
Reviewer: Bill McDonald

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 0972926402

Around the world, whether or not we are at war or involved in a military action, soldiers are deployed to service leaving their families behind. Everyday, children of military personnel are being confronted with the difficulties of having a parent deployed in the service of our country. Children's book author and military brat, Michelle Ferguson-Cohen, has written, "Daddy, you're my hero!" and "Mommy, you're my hero!" to help military and reservist's families speak with children about deployment.

Little Redhaired Girl Publishing, Inc. hears from many educators, parents, psychologists and military FRGs (Family Readiness Groups) who are using the books as a resource to help speak with their children about the deployment of a parent and war in general.

The books address deployment from a child's perspective. They talk about this separation in a simple manner to assure and comfort small children. The books also suggest tips to maintain communication and deal with feelings of helplessness.

"I wrote these books from my heart. I know what it's like to experience what these children are facing," says Ferguson-Cohen. "My own father was deployed in the service of our country many times when I was young."

It was important to the author that children of military personnel see themselves represented in the media and that the message they received was of both "pride and sensitivity". "You should address a child’s fears," she says "But it’s important the message isn’t so dramatic it worries them further. I also wanted to give children permission to be proud of their parents."

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Ferguson-Cohen, Michelle

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