MWSA Members Join Forces for Speakers Bureau

MWSA members Linda Maloney and I are two of the core members of the first National Women Veterans Speakers Bureau. Interestingly, we reconnected last year due to MWSA, as both of our books were finalists. I thought I would post this here because it is another example how MWSA brings people together for positive purposes.

Valerie Ormond

2013 Independent Publisher Book Awards Announced

Bringing this news to everyone's attention for consideration next year.

The 2013 Independent Publisher Book Awards were announced at BEA at the end of May 2013. There were 382 medalists and almost 2,500 independent authors and publishers participated in the awards program. There were 75 categories ranging from Fine Arts to Marketing, and all age groups. Publishers ranged from small and academic presses to self-published works.

For more information, the link is below: