News about MWSA.

2013 MWSA Awards

2013 MWSA Award Winners

Author of the Year - Bob Doerr

President's Award  - Maria Edwards

Founder's Award    - Death in the Baltic by Cathryn Prince


HistoricaL Fiction 

Gold Medal - Chosin File by Dale Dye

                         Dog Solidier Moon by Mike McKendree LongIII

                         Wedded to War by Jocelyn Green


2014 Conference

After October 1, 2013 we will begin to place conference information on the website, be sure to check back weekly at least to stay up to date on what is being planned, scheduled etc., we will not be posting this information on f/b so this is where you need to come to be up to date.Phoeniz, Arizona, the Holiday Inn September 25 - 28th.Make your plans now. 


Anthology Signing Process

Anthology Signing Process - The Glenn Room is our Hospitality Suite, it will have coffee and drinks in it for conference attendees. There will be a table to place your anthology on for signing. When you receive your anthology at the registration (make certain to write your name on the insde cover) desk it will have note paper affixed to the cover with a paperclip. Members are encouraged to make an effort to sign every book (Do not leave your anthology at the registration desk).