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You Might Be an RVer If...

Title: You Might Be An RVer If...
Author: Thomas Van Hees
Genre: Humor
Reviewer: Rob Ballister

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1462625657

Every RVer started out in a tent in the wilds of this great nation even if it was only in in their own backyard. As RVers, we endure the difficulties of the camping and RVing because we love it and would have it no other way, regardless of the outcome. Besides the worst camping and RVing experience is better than the best day at work! Why do we do this? Because we are RVers and we are nuts!

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Van Hees, Thomas


Hi everyone, I have a couple of announcements. I was holding off until Dispatches could be published, but we are dealing with some software issues and I don\'t want to wait another day. First, please participate in the Book Discussion Forum that is going on now through Sunday evening. Walt Shiel is the host and the conversation is lively and interesting. Supporting other authors will have many advantages -- first you will learn how others do it and maybe make some great contacts.