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Announcing first issue of Dispatches Online

I hope that you all will enjoy this online version of Dispatches. I know you have been clicking away in expectation of it, but as you know, it takes a lot of work to do something new. All of you who have submitted articles, jim greenwald will be adding up your contributions and Terry Gould will be updating your buckaroos in your profile accounts. Congratulations!

Here's the link:

The War Museum at Oslo

I thought some of you would like to see this poem I wrote after visiting The War Museum at Oslo. It was published by Finishing Line Press, a small press that publishes only chapbooks by women. They do a beautiful job. This one has sparkly endpapers and a satin ribbon book mark as part of the presentation.

Finding Nuggets of Truth as a Military Writer

by Ann DeWitt

What if you studied a particular military General from the American Civil War era and found that the court of public opinion handed down a verdict without reviewing all of the evidence?  Would you ignore the facts and go with the court of public opinion?  Or would you print in your book the dormant facts in which you uncovered?