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Greetings and Salutations...

Just a short note to say hello, and introduce myself.

My name's Edward Carpenter; call-sign is Carp, if you prefer that sort of thing. I'm a Marine Corps Major and a Foreign Area Officer, wrapping up 2 years in Indonesia and heading back to scenic Beaufort (Fightertown USA) this summer.

The son of a WWII Hump pilot, I started out as a Huey crew chief in the Army, then joined Uncle Sams Misguided Children as an officer, which has taken me to Japan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, and a few points in between.

Announcing Book Discussion Forums

I'm happy to announce a new online MWSA activity. There will be four Book Forum Discussions on our site this year. It will work this way...we will announce the book to be discussed. The author will do his/her best to provide it to MWSA members at a good price. Members who want to participate will buy a copy and read it before participating in the forum which I will moderate and the author will be available to answer questions.

Introduction: Bob MacPherson

MWSA member Bob MacPherson Anchor CTS LLC Navy Submarine

Introductions: Bob MacPherson 

First, let me say that as a new MWSA member, I’m looking forward to learning from others, to reading authors’ books and other creative works. Second, I’m eternally grateful to all submariners who’ve sailed beneath the ocean blue, including those who are “standing watch on eternal patrol.”