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Forever Growing -- A Journey of Trust

Out of chaos, racism and deprivation a child walks with God and emerges a vibrant, caring and accomplished woman.  As an author, public speaker and community leader, overcoming the legacy of the past and becoming a willing servant to the Lord is Richelle Rodgers’s greatest accomplishment.  Richelle has overcome the legacy of a childhood filled with violence and poverty to become a willing servant to the Lord

More In Formation

I'm new to MWSA membership. I've just finished a memoir of my career in the Air Force, 1980 - 2000. Yeah, I'm a Cold War baby, a woman, and a retired support officer. So what I have to say isn't similar to many of the military memoirs today. I wrote In Formation: What the Air Force Taught Me about Holding On and Manning Up because I recognized that even without battles, the military demands courage, of all types. I'm still looking at options regarding publication, but in the meantime I've started a blog. This was my first entry:

Call to Arms, A

Title: A Call to Arms
Author: William Hammond
Genre: Fiction, Historical
Reviewer: Bob Doerr

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1612511449

A Call To Arms is the fourth volume in the award-winning Cutler Family Chronicles series. The backdrop of this novel is the First Barbary War, fought in the years between 1801 and 1805. Included are such real-life characters as Capt. Edward Preble, Lt. Stephen Decatur, Lt. Richard Somers, Prince Hamet of Tripoli, and army captain William Eaton. Also included are the cast of fictional characters that define the Chronicles. The action is set primarily in the Mediterranean and in North Africa.

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Hammond, William C.

In A Year

In a year of journeying on this road to publishing and launching my first book, I have been blessed with many gifts. I have come to better understand the beauty which lies within than that of my outside reflection. I have come to realize the importance of speaking the words which lie in my heart. For these terms of endearment, bear the truth of knowledge and understanding.