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2012 MWSA Awards

MWSA 2012 Award Winners 

Founders Award

  • Medals, Flags and Memories by Stacey & John Holley

Presidents Award

  • Terry Gould
  • Chris Wyatt
  • Jim Greenwald

Author of the Year

  • Michael Angley

Historical Fiction

  • Project Seven Alpha  by Leland "Chip" Shanle Jr.    Gold Medal
  • A Passel of Hate by Joe Epley   Silver Medal
  • The Power and the Glory by William C. Hammond   Silver Medal

Silent Invaders: Combat Gliders of the Second World War

Gliders, the silent invaders of World War ll. The missions they flew and the high price paid. History that will keep you involved until the last page.

Title: Silent Invaders: Combat Gliders of the Second World War 
Author: Gary A. Best
Category: History
Reviewer: Terry Shoptaugh 
ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1625450001

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Best, Gary A.


A new Revenant-9 spaceship heads out on an intra-gallactic mission to bring back much needed heavy metals. The itinerary of this Pharoah spacecraft will take it to a planet the Pharoans haven't visited in thousands of years - Earth.  Will Earth survive this new encounter?

Title:    Harvesters
Author: David Michaelson 
Reviewer: Bob Doerr
ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 0991290739

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Michaelson, David