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A Quarter's Worth of Fun

My son Nate married a beautiful young woman named Nora. Aside from being warm and loving, she makes me laugh – a lot. 
Here’s an example of why.
I was just checking into the Holiday Inn Express in Elizabeth, NC when Nora text messaged me. “Did you find my coat?”
Me: “What coat?”
Nora: “My coat that Nate left in NC.”
Me: “Where did he leave it?”
Nora: “Dunno. Airport?”
I sat down on the bed and had a good laugh before I picked up my phone to text back.

By-Laws and Guidelines/Definitions (2012)


 This organization is known as the Military Writers Society of America, and is sometimes referred to herein and elsewhere as MWSA

ARTICLE II    Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall consist of nine members (President is the Chairman, Past-President serves one term as Board Member, the Founder as a Permanent Board Member and six elected members).

Reviewer/Author Ethical Guidelines (2011 Update)

These guidelines are to insure that MWSA reviews are standard, consistent, fair, and professional.

 1. There are standard criteria for reviewing a book which have been defined and published on the MWSA web site, Twitter, Facebook, and on any marketing or other MWSA brochures, etc. Reviewers must review and score books based on these criteria ONLY.