Soul of American Warriors

Title: Soul of American Warriors
Author: Elizabeth Kilbride
Genre: Non-Fiction, Memoir
Reviewer: Richard Barone

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 0982498268

A deeply moving story of a writer's journey that shares a rare inside look into the protected world of our military. From the humble beginnings of growing up in a town built for returning war veterans in New York, during the Vietnam War; to her first deployment as an embedded writer with the United States Marine Corps in Iraq -- this story is an experience that will certainly change your view of America and our military.

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Kilbride, Elizabeth

Mercenary's Tale: Fighting Fidel Castro

Title: Mercenary's Tale: Fighting Fidel Castro
Author:William Heuisler
Genre: Non-Fiction, Memoir
Reviewer: Joyce Gilmour

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1439211906

A short-timer Marine is recruited from Quantico Marine Base by the CIA into anti-Castro, "Operation Mongoose" to train Cuban refugees on raids into Cuba. The condensed, but true story explores political intrigue and often sinister characters in turbulent, bloody South Florida during the early sixties. Hints of betrayal complicate rescue missions and an unlikely love affair adds further tension. Readers are led through a bizarre world where ambush is only the dawn of misfortune, and where the horrors of combat, shipwreck, starvation and worse become commonplace. The saga of bravery, betrayal, personal heartache and bittersweet retribution is completed as friends give the ultimate sacrifice and the U.S. Government indicts its own mercenaries.

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Heuisler, William

Video about The Hiddlen Legacy of World War II by Carol Schultz Vento


This is a good place to share your videos that you've posted to You Tube. Here is Carol Vento's video about her new book. Be sure to add it as a link in the Media section below.


Wind to Water

Title: Wind to Water
Author: David Hamershock
Genre: Non-Fiction, Inspirational
Reviewer: Claudia Pemberton

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1598587889

A United States military plane is shot down over the Iraqi countryside; its young pilot is presumed dead. A decade later, his fiancé, Maryn, takes a trip to Australia to finally say goodbye to her airman who never came home. The Seattle school teacher meets a divorced marine biologist named Grant on a tour. Grant soon discovers he's attracted as much to Maryn's wit as to her looks. But occasionally, a melancholy creeps into her eyes. Eventually, she allows Grant to read a letter from her fiancé--the kind soldiers write "just in case." Grant halts his romantic feelings and their friendship blossoms. Later, they reunite in California, but Grant wonders if Maryn's past is truly behind her. 'Wind to Water' is a love story, travel adventure and romantic comedy. It chronicles an ordinary man's search for an extraordinary love in a world mostly unfit for such a venture.

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Hamershock, David

Flight Surgeon: Diary of Medical Detachment, 1943-1944

Title: Flight Surgeon: Diary of Medical Detachment, 1943-1944
Author:Ernest Gaillard, Jr.
Genre: Non-Fiction, Memoir
Reviewer: Weymouth Symmes

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1410746712

The text consists of a World War II war narrative from the perspective of the flight surgeon. The setting is in the European Theatre of Operations on a Fortress base in East Anglia. This deals primarily with an ancillary ground command and with only testimonial reference to any aerial combat. It deals with more in the way of the pertinent day-to-day logistics and emotional anxieties and ordeals of the supportive, ground-based non-combatants when dealing with returning crews. This is a whole other story and rarely, if ever, addressed.

The text comprises a foreword, additional readers' notes, the body of the text, numerous photos and images, secret reports and endnotes, and a contemporary, explanatory glossary of period terms and acronyms.

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Gaillard, Jr., Ernest