Carolina Roots - From Whence I Came

Title: Carolina Roots - From Whence I Came
Author: Thomas Shytle
Genre: Non-Fiction, Memoir, Inspirational
Reviewer: Lee Boyland

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1419695193

The author was a product of a hard hit area during the depression years. He was barely a year old and the great depression was at its peak when his family moved from the cotton mill village where he was born to relocate near Bryson City in the heart of the Western North Carolina mountains. The economy there was worse than it had been on the mill village; and after struggling to survive on a dollar a day his Father made working for FDR's Works Project Administration (WPA), his family held on for six years living in the most poverty stricken area of the country. He was seven when they moved back to the same cotton mill village and to much better conditions than when they left, thanks to the most part for Hitler's war that was raging in Europe. His story is about his experiences while growing up near Kings Mountain, NC followed by twenty-five years in the USAF. The years spent in the military are related in detail from the viewpoint of an Air Force non-com; from the Korean War to an assignment to a covert unit whose cold war mission was to "Develop an unconventional warfare capability that included inserting, supplying, and extracting indigenous partisans, to provide them with refitted small arms, and to design, produce, and airdrop psychological warfare materials into Eastern European countries, and to support U-2 over-flights of Eastern Europe and Russia." Throughout the book you will feel his reverence for his convictions, his devotion to family and an unquestionable commitment to duty, honor, and country.

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Shytle, Thomas

BROTHERHOOD OF DOOM: Memoirs of a Navy Nuclear Weaponsman

Title: BROTHERHOOD OF DOOM: Memoirs of a Navy Nuclear Weaponsman
Author: James S. Little
Genre: Non-Fiction, Memoir
Reviewer: Hodge Wood

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1601453116

BROTHERHOOD of DOOM provides a look inside a national program that was shrouded in secrecy, during the cold war. The book details the dedication and patriotism of a small group of sailors that were denied much of the liberty, and freedoms their fellow citizens enjoyed, to insure the survival of America in the event of a nuclear war. Emphasized throughout the book is the extraordinary effort by nuclear weaponsmen to handle and maintain these weapons of mass destruction with safety, and to continually strive for perfection. The book is an effort to honor the many outstanding, and colorful sailors he served with for thirty years, and to educate the American public about a national program that little is known about, a program all citizens should be thankful for. The job of navy nuclear weaponsman no longer exists, and BROTHERHOOD of DOOM is an attempt to preserve this important story of the American military.

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Little, James S.

Breaking Squelch : A Vietnam Introspective

Title: Breaking Squelch : A Vietnam Introspective
Author: Stephen D. Saunders
Genre: Non-Fiction, Memoir
Reviewer: Bill McDonald

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 0963769723

Out of the mists of a war-ravaged jungle half the world - and half a lifetime - away, Steve Saunders finds the introspection to put his Vietnam experience at rest. Breaking Squelch is an epic tale of mortal combat, of privation and suffering, of the ultimate test of young men's valor and of their civility. At times, it's punctuated with their boyish antics.

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Saunders, Stephen D.

Aviation Engineers Avenging Pearl Harbor (Spiral-bound)

Title: Aviation Engineers Avenging Pearl Harbor (Spiral-bound)
Author: Bob George
Genre: Non-Fiction, History
Reviewer: Bill McDonald

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1411688481

A History of the 864th Engineer Aviation Battalion during World War II.

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George, Bob