In the Gray Area: A Marine Advisor Team at War

Title: In the Gray Area: A Marine Advisor Team at War
Author: Seth Folsom
Genre: Military - Marine
Reviewer: Bob Flournoy

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1591142814

In the Gray Area builds on Seth Folsom s earlier award-winning memoir, The Highway War, which described his 2003 command of one of the first Marine light armored reconnaissance battalion companies to march on Baghdad. In February 2008 Major Folsom was deployed again to Iraq as the leader of a U.S. Marine advisor team embedded with an Iraqi army infantry battalion. The realities of the Marines mission is frankly addressed by Folsom in this new work as he reflects on challenges they and their Iraqi counterparts faced in their struggle to gain control of al-Anbar province. He explores the bonds he formed with his men, the Outlanders, and the tenuous relationships forged between the American and Iraqi soldiers whose cultures were so vastly different. The author creates a compelling picture of the obstacles faced by both as they lived, ate, and fought side-by-side.

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Folsom, Seth

Mothers’ Day and Memorial Day: An Unexpected Connection

On the second Sunday of May we honor our mothers. On the last Monday we honor our fellow citizens who gave their lives in our military service. Few realize how much these two special days have in common.

Our mental impression of trans-Atlantic voyages on luxury liners is formed by black and white movies of the 1930’s, images of wealthy socialites, escapes from the oppression of the Depression, throngs at the gangways cheering passengers crowded on deck. But, as the month of May takes hold, take a moment to re-focus on other images and reflections.

Looking for MWSA members in the New Orleans area

To any MWSA members who happen to reside in the New Orleans area:

John Penny, book reviewer for The Aviator, the monthly publication of the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association, is looking for writers and publishers who reside in or around New Orleans in order to include them in a presentation he is putting on re: publishing for the VHPA's upcoming convention in New Orleans. You can contact John at Tell him you got his whereabouts from Marc Yablonka.