Shaken to the Core (and Finding God's Strength)

Title: Shaken to the Core (and Finding God's Strength)
Author: Marjorie Hodgson Parker
Genre: Spiritual/Religious
Reviewer: Barbara Peacock

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1933979992

Drawing from powerful personal stories and timeless truths from the Bible, this devotional book offers hope and comfort for the darkest of times. These devotionals along with gentle exercises help strengthen body and soul as they build trust in God

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Parker, Marjorie Hodgson

Soft Cap Chronicles

Title: Soft Cap Chronicles
Author: J.E. Buck Ballow
Genre: History
Reviewer: Lee Boyland

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 0741468018

The oral history of a unique unit in the Korean War, where they were known by many names but the enemy simply referred to them as the dreaded Soft Caps.

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Ballow, J.E. Buck

Burn the Town and Sack the Banks: Confederates Attack Vermont

Title: Burn the Town and Sack the Banks: Confederates Attack Vermont
Author: Cathryn Prince
Genre: Non-Fiction History
Reviewer: Betsy Beard

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 0786717513

On a dreary October afternoon, bands of Confederate raiders held up the three banks in St. Albans. With guns drawn, they herded the townspeople out into the common, sending the people of the North into panic. Operating out of a Confederate stronghold in Canada, the raiders were young men, mostly escapees from Union prison camps, who had been recruited to inaugurate a new kind of guerilla war along the Yankees' unprotected border. The raid, though bungling at times, was successful ând the consequent pursuit of the rebels into Canada. The celebrity-like trial it sparked in Montreal and resulting diplomatic tensions that arose between the U.S., Canada, and Great Britain, left the Southern dream of a second-front diversion in ruins. What survived, however, is a fascinating tale of the South's desperate attempt to reverse the course of the war. Burn the Town and Sack the Banks is a tale filled with dashing soldiers, spies, posses, bumbling plans, smitten locals, lawyers, diplomats, and an idyllic Vermont town, set against the backdrop of the great battles far from the Northern border that were bringing the Civil War to its bloody conclusion.

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Prince, Cathryn

Sea Story, A

Title: A Sea Story
Author: Joseph Pignataro
Genre: History
Reviewer: Jim Greenwald

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): B007W9F4A8

The U.S. Navy was among the first responders on 9/11. Entrusted with the
iconic Ground Zero flag, the Roosevelt battlegroup took to the seas searching
out those responsible, and to bring justice to a nation in mourning.

1145 September 2001, the U.S.S. Leyte Gulf deployed within hours of the
attack on the W.T.C. with orders to shoot down and destroy any "birds not
squawking" over New York City. We were entrusted with the Ground Zero flag
raised by the NYFD. We flew that flag with pride and determination from our
mast on our important mission. After two days we were then redirected to the
gulf and given orders to destroy the Taliban with the Tomahawk missiles
onboard. During transit, we were told by our Captain that the Taliban would
be waiting for us in the narrow Suez canal. So narrow in fact, only a single
ship can go through at any one time. If the first and last ship were to be
hit by surface to air missiles, there would be no way out. The aircraft
carrier U.S.S Roosevelt, would be trapped in the middle and defenseless.
There they were, waiting for us on horseback atop the sandy Suez
dunes...following us. Just a bunch of scared kids manning the ships 50 cal
guns, wondering what was to happen next.

One late night in the gulf, Bush declared war. It was our task to launch the
first Tomahawk missiles and kick off the war on terror. We were cut off from
the outside world. Email and any other means of communication had been banned
for security reasons. Television reports of Anthrax gripping the country with
fear and WW3 rumors scuttling through the ships decks. A six man boarding
party manned up to routinely search an unresponding suspect Iraqi
tanker...what was found would change our lives forever.

This is our sea story.

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Pignataro, Joseph