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ABCs of OCD! (The)

by Kathleen Dunn (8 years old)
Published by (date): The Creative Cabin
ISBN (links to MWSA Amazon store): 978-1-60725-809-4

A whimsical look at a child's view of dealing with her Obsessive Compulsive Disorder experiences ...'maintaining a sense of calm to cope with the challenges of daily life help keep things in perspective' ... perhaps there's a lesson for all of us. Life Will Be OK! "The insight, humor and warmth of this book is an example of the best resources of the human spirit! Healing comes in many forms and Kathleen Dunn has captured the essence of a difficult disorder that has affected but not defeated her family. To me 'The ABCs of OCD spell H-O-P-E!', Dr. Brand, PhD. Psychologist, Alliance Psychological Services, LLC. Kathleen dedicates this book to both of her war veteran 'Paps', she is sure one of them had OCD!

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Dunn, Kathleen