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So Others May Live Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers Saving Lives Defying Death

Title: So Others May Live Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers Saving Lives Defying Death
Author: Martha LaGuardia-Kotite
Genre: Military, Coast Guard
Reviewer: Buddy Cox

A journey of the heart, enter and share the feelings, desires and emotions we all experience in this the cauldron of the adventure we call life. Blended into who and what we become, who we wish to become. This is emotional poetry, sharing life and the deep feelings of the heart and soul. Each poem tells a story that I hope tugs at your heart or the corners of your mouth, and brings a tear to your eye or a smile to your heart.

I write from my heart, of things I feel, see, hear and experience. I want the reader to be able to both understand and identify with what I write. If just one person is touched by my writing, then I have succeeded.

So cry, smile, or simply view things with a new perspective. Open your heart and let the emotion of the words reach into the depths of your heart. For to be touched so by words is a blessing.

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Laguardia-Kotite, Martha

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