Leathernecks: An Illustrated History of the United States Marine Corps

Title: Leathernecks: An Illustrated History of the United States Marine Corps
Authors: Merrill Bartlett & Jack Sweetman
Genre: Non-Fiction, Military
Reviewer: Andrew Lubin

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 159114020X

The authors of the highly regarded history The U.S. Marine Corps have written a new work that combines a lively, well-researched narrative with a generous selection of photographs and paintings, many in full color, and numerous maps to provide an illustrated history of the U.S. Marine Corps from its inception to the present day. The combination of a wealth of art, a substantial text, and a balanced perspective make the work unique in the literature of the Corps. Many of its illustrations have never before been published or have appeared only in black and white. Unlike other histories of the Corps, this one relies heavily on primary sources and original research.

The authors explain how and why a force that throughout the first century of its existence seldom exceeded the strength of an infantry regiment still managed to attain a strength greater than that of many armies, and developed what is arguably the world's most potent military mystique. Because the history of any institution is the product of the actions of the individuals contained within it, the book includes cameos of some of those who made exceptional contributions to the Corps' rich heritage. An introductory chapter outlines the evolution of marine forces from ancient times to the eve of the American Revolution. Neither a rehash of old histories nor a repeat of unsupported sea stories and fictional tales, this new study brings the Corps' history fully up to date.

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Sweetman, Jack
Bartlett, Merrill

Street Fight in Iraq: What It's Really Like Over There (Valor in Combat Series)

Title: Street Fight in Iraq: What It's Really Like Over There (Valor in Combat Series)
Author: Patrick Tracey
Reviewer: Bill McDonald

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 0977143112

A day by day account of the battle for Ramadi, Iraq during the height of the Iraqi insurgency from August 2004 until March of 2005. The legendary Fox Company, Second Battalion, Fifth Marines battled insurgents on a daily basis and this book serves as a blow by blow account; told by Fox Company Gunnery Sergeant, Patrick M Tracy. The author brings you along for the ride through many battles and skirmishes and has an upfront, no-nonsense style of telling his story.

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Tracey, Patrick

Reader Network: "At the Crossroads of Humanity"

I would like to welcome John E. Nevola to READER NETWORK.

At The Crossroads of Humanity

The Last Jump is a historical novel of World War II.  America had its trials and tribulations with racial and gender bias and struggled with these issues throughout the War.  A segregated military and a condescending attitude toward women made it extremely difficult for these groups to fully participate and prove themselves.  But not impossible!

MWSA has new relationship with Veterans Family Network

MWSA members can now join Veterans Family Network (VFN) at a 10% discount. This organization is working to partner with health, travel, and other industries to get further discounts for their members. They also have affiliates like Walmart and Office Depot who will donate a percentage of your online purchases to benefit active duty military families.

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