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The Lost Priest

Title: The Lost Priest
Author: Karl Boyd
Genre: Fiction, Mystery
Reviewer: Sandra Miller Linhart

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1604520442

Once again, in his longest novel thus far, The Lost Priest, Karl Boyd works his magic and paints vivid pictures with words to bring a diversified cast of characters to life in a two part adventure/thriller/romance tale set in Texas, Bermuda and the steamy jungles of Brazil.

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Boyd, Karl

I Know Why the Dogwoods Blush

Title: I Know Why the Dogwoods Blush
Author: Bill Cain
Genre: Fiction, Mystery
Reviewer: Paul Decker

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1432745360

When love turns to hate, there’s Hell to pay!

Jeremiah “Jerry” Bronson was an abandoned newborn baby discovered by Sheriff “Big Ben” Spear in Timmons County, Georgia during the annual Dogwood Festival of 1950. Raised by the entire town, Jerry grew to become the hometown hero in every area: high school football star, Vietnam war hero, and pacifist reverend. His mentor, “Father” Roman Spindola, thought of him as his own son.

Upon returning home from Vietnam in 1972, Jerry vowed to never harm another human being again and became a respected minister. He married high school sweetheart and local entertainer Angel Andrews. Life was good. Then came the Dogwood Festival of 1979 when sadistic biker Roscoe Parker and his “Broken Bones” gang rode into town on a murder and pillage spree. Jerry saved the town and was elected sheriff. His star continued to shine.

Jerry, Angel and their dog, Blueblood, were murdered by a Russian mob cartel during the Dogwood Festival of 1995. Avenged by Dick Spear, the old sheriff’s son who now stood poised to become the sheriff himself, the little town of Timmonsville has moved on beyond these tragedies. The Dogwood Festival of 2010 is about to begin.

During the week prior to the festival, the grave of Jerry Bronson is desecrated and his body taken. Strange events are occurring around town. And to the west … in Louisiana, Kansas and Washington, former Timmons County residents are meeting with violent deaths. As more and more unexplained events take place, “Father” Spindola fears the dead are about to walk the earth, bringing about the long foretold end of days. Sheriff Dick Spear wants to believe these events are just pranks carried out by misguided teens. But both men carry secrets from the past: Spindola with his supernatural visions of death and Spear with his knowledge of what really happened the night Jerry Bronson died. Waiting in the shadows, watching his decades long plan finally come into play, is the evil Vladimir Buchinsky. He’d failed twice before in his efforts to destroy the town. But this time, he had a secret weapon: a spell so powerful it could resurrect the dead and usher in a new dark age for mankind.

As the events of the Bronson murders of 1995 are revealed, things appear worse than ever. Has Jerry Bronson returned from the grave to save the town? Or has the real threat to the survival of Timmons County ... and all of mankind … been Jerry Bronson from the start? The blushing Dogwoods know the answer. Their secret will change the world!

I KNOW WHY THE DOGWOODS BLUSH is a crime drama/thriller with a supernatural flourish. It is intended to be a stand-alone tale but with threads linking it to potential follow-on stories told in the same universe and time line. If you think you know the legend of the dogwood tree, think again!

Sometimes, what you don’t know can kill you!

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Cain, Bill

Loose Ends Kill

Title: Loose Ends Kill
Author: Bob Doerr
Genre: Non-Fiction, Mystery
Reviewer: Weymouth Symmes

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1590957180

In this new Jim West novel, West comes to the rescue of an old friend suspected of killing his own wife. West rolls up his sleeves and begins to dig deep—perhaps too deeply—as someone begins to follow and target him.

It’s not long before West discovers that he didn’t know his friend’s wife as well as he thought. Everyone but West and his friend knew that she had had many affairs. Any of her lovers could have had a motive to kill her.

As he investigates one lover after the other, West ignites an outbreak of more deaths and mayhem. The killer wants him dead. His friend’s lawyer wants him to go back home, and the police threaten to arrest him.

Feeling the pressure to solve the murder quickly, West sets a trap for the killer—using himself as bait. However, he soon learns he may have only outsmarted himself.

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Doerr, Bob

Laos File

Title: Laos File
Author: Dale A. Dye
Genre: Fiction, Mystery
Reviewer: Bob Ruehrdanz

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 0982167008

The death of a salty old senior NCO who ran special operations in Vietnam leads Marine Gunner Shake Davis on a shocking and potentially lethal quest to find out what happened to hundreds of American POWs. Written by the bestselling author of 'Platoon,' Dale A. Dye.

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Dye, Dale A.