Goodbye Yobo

Title: Goodbye Yobo
Author: J.E. "Buck" Ballow
Genre: Fiction, Mystery, Thriller
Reviewer: David Tschanz

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 0741445778

Captain Jared Carposi and Special Agent Edward "Easy" Behr as the new Provost Marshall and CID Chief have inherited a mess at Camp Crocket, South Korea. To make matters worse the adjacent village, nicknamed "Tombstone", has a complete disdain for law and order and is rife with prostitution, assaults, and black marketing. Worse still the village seems to be haunted by an evil spirit. As the team strives to gain control of the village a young bar girl is murdered. Were the events an omen of her impending doom? Is she now stalking the village seeking vengeance? Or is it something else? Agent Behr is a very experienced agent and a rather wily character who uses every legal, and some say questionable, trick at his disposal to resolve the problem.

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Ballow, J. E. "Buck"

Cast the First Stone

Title: Cast the First Stone
Author: J.E. Buck Ballow
Genre: Fiction, Thriller
Reviewer: Mike Mullins

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 0741459329

It starts as just another routine murder case for Army CID Agents Edward "Easy" Behr and his partner, Chelie Bees. A very beautiful young lady shot in the back outside the NCO Club at Fort Buckner, Okinawa, and left lying on the sidewalk to die. However, as it unwinds the agents find themselves involved in a tale of rar reaching, unbelievable horror.

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Ballow, J. E. "Buck"

The Texas Two Card Hold 'em Heist

Title: The Texas Two Card Hold 'em Heist
Author: Karl Boyd
Genre: Fiction, Thriller, Mystery
Reviewer: John Cathcart

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 0557541239

Roger Booth, Carl James and their gang of ex-military troops are at it again - this time they're back in Las Vegas, where they plan to steal the first prize of twenty million dollars right off the final table at the Universal Poker Tour.

As usual, Roger's plan is unique, deceitful and amazing in scope. Along with the FBI and law enforcement agencies of Nevada, you'll wonder how they did it and where the money is. You be awed by who actually makes off with the money and how Roger, Carl and the gang retrieve it for themselves. It's a feat of daring-do.

As a bonus, fans of Karl's previous books, especially the two others that make up this trilogy of lighthearted crime tales, learn what one of their previous victims; Richard Murdock wants them to do in repayment for swindling him so many years ago.

Although the pair of con men agrees to do Richard's biding, as always, with Roger, Carl and their nefarious assistants, nothing is as it seems.
Be prepared for more double crosses and a story that keeps you guessing until another unexpected conclusion.

Long time fins of Karl Boyd's novels wonder if this third part of the trilogy is actually the last adventure they'll share with Roger and Carl. But, fear not; there is a fourth episode being written as we speak.

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Boyd, Karl

PIRATES The Midnight Passage

Title: PIRATES The Midnight Passage
Author: Jim Hannibal
Genre: Fiction, Thriller, Mystery, Young Adult
Reviewer: Frank Evans

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1590957253

The Midnight Passage debuts the chronicles of Jim Thatcher and the intrepid crew of the sloop Adventure. Pirates, puzzles, and peril await the privateer crew as they seek to recover the vast treasure of Morgan's Lost Gold from the mysterious Aztec underworld of the Midnight Passage.

Betrayal! A treaty is signed, and suddenly the British privateers are named pirates by the very Crown they serve. Some embrace the new title and the bloody life that comes with it; others, like Captain Jim Thatcher, are not so eager to turn against the world they love. Exiled from Port Royal, Thatcher and the crew of the Adventure set out on a new mission. They seek to recover a vast fortune in gold and emeralds that disappeared a half-century before, hoping it will be enough to buy their pardons. But Thatcher soon learns that the Adventure is not the only ship on the hunt for the treasure.

An Indiaman pursues them across the Windward Passage; it is the Havoc, captained by Thatcher's long-time nemesis, Edward Teach, the infamous Blackbeard. Fleeing the powerful pirate ship and following a questionable treasure map, the crew takes refuge at the mouth of an underground river system, the ancient Aztec underworld. They are trapped by the Havoc; there is nowhere to go but forward, but there are worse things than pirates in the Caribbean. Deadly puzzles, booby traps, and something even more sinister await the crew in the darkness of the Midnight Passage.

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Hannibal, Jim