Waterfall in a War, A

by Daryle McGinnis
Published by (date): Deltamike Publishing (July 2010)
ISBN: 978-1-933177-26-7
Price: $18.95

Derek Malloy doesn't like one-size rules, and flying a short field C-7 in 1970 Vietnam is a good place not to. But when he breaks several and lands at an abandoned dirt strip to explore a mountain waterfall, his reasons change. Liet emerges and tells him a story that launches their kindred spirits on a harrowing quest born of a waning war. In the last stand of freelance military flying, in an aviation world the news or Washington never saw, Liet's honor and an ancient gold Buddha ultimately hang in a balance Derek understands...the one where rules lose and humanity wins.

Author(s) Mentioned: 
McGinnis, Daryle

Matter of Honor, A

by William C. Hammond
Published by (date): Cumberland House Publishing (October, 2007)
ISBN: 1581826095 / 978-1581826098
Price: $26.95

The first volume in a series of maritime novels set in the early years of the United States, A Matter of Honor is a dramatic account of a young man's coming of age during the American Revolution. Introducing Richard Cutler, a Massachusetts teenager with strong family ties to England, the novel tells his story as he ships out with John Paul Jones to avenge the death of his beloved brother Will, impressed by the Royal Navy and flogged to death for striking an officer. On the high seas, in Enland and in France, on the sugar islands of the Caribbean, and on the battlefield of Yorktown, Cutler proves his mettle and wins the love-and allegiance to the infant republic-of a beautiful English aristocrat from the arms of Horatio Nelson himself.

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Hammond, William C.