Aldric & Anneliese

Title: Aldric & Anneliese
Author: Harry E. Gilleland Jr.
Genre: Historical Fiction
Reviewer: Fran McGraw

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When honor was everything, and your word, a binding contract, Aldric was knight and champion to the king. A tale of love and devotion, chivalry and honor, this great tale held me captive through to the end. I personally feel this item is good read to younger children, as a bedtime story, young adults venturing into reading for themselves, and adults as a light tale of true honor and integrity. There was no one part of the book I liked above the other, except for the morals and integrity listed within. Through action and word, Aldric is a prime example of a true friend, a great leader, and a person true to their word.
Once it was over, I wanted more stories from this author. The tale was fast paced and one I couldn't put down. I felt transported back in time to a year where life was physically hard, and not always rewarding. Lessons learned often came at a high price.
I would recommend this book to all readers. It is one that whisks you away into another world. It transports you through great imagery and action. A whole new adventure to be found.
The author is very talented. I will be searching other books out from this author and adding them to my collection.

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Gilleland Jr., Harry E.

Rogue Crusader

Title: Rogue Crusader
Author: John R. Monteith
Genre: Fiction
Reviewer: Gail Chatfield

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 0985044306

A hijacked Israeli submarine. An unprovoked attack against a U.S. Navy destroyer. A civilian oil tanker with a secret cargo of nuclear weapons. Together, they add up to an ingenious plan to penetrate the ballistic missile defense of the United States. Standing in the path of destruction is a crew of mercenary submarine sailors, led by ex-U.S. naval officer, Jake Slate. Exiled for crimes that should have earned him a military execution, Slate is not anyone’s idea of a hero. But he’s all we’ve got….

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Monteith, John R.


Title: Forever Hunger
Author: David M. Salkin
Genre: Fiction/Horror
Reviewer: Bob Doerr

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 098492311X

When NYPD Sergeant Roy Ruiz began working the serial killings with Detective Tim Rosetto, they had no way of knowing the killer whom they were hunting had been dead for over two hundred years. The grisly crime scenes leave plenty of forensic evidence, but unfortunately, none of it makes any sense—unless you can open your mind to some very strange possibilities. FBI Special Agent Doug Patmore, whose special unit works with Missing Persons, Unsolved Violent Crimes, Homicide, and Sexual Assaults has been hunting this killer for years. Together with Roy and Tim, they begin their mind bending investigation that will lead them to Adam Priest—a man that’s been killing and eating women since 1806. Adam was a lowly Prussian soldier when he was attacked in the woods after the battle of Jena, and the attack changed him forever. It killed the man and created a monster with a hunger for blood that was insatiable. For two hundred years, Adam fed without remorse—until he met Sara. Now, with an emotion almost human tugging at his dead heart, he must decide what to do about Sara as the police get closer with each feeding.

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Salkin, David

Don's Stimulus Package, The

Title: The Don's Stimulus Package
Author: Karl Boyd Hoepfner
Genre: Fiction Thriller/Mystery
Reviewer: E. Franklin Evans

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1105013391

While robbing a small bank in the Don's area of operation, cousins Stu & Lefty stumble across the twenty million dollars in loot from "The Texas Two Card Hold 'em Heist" and make off with the money, incurring the Don's wrath. When both are captured by the Don's men, Stu informs The Don the purpose of the robbery was to provide funds for the largest con in history; bilking the U.S. Govt out of one Billion Dollars in stimulus money. Intrigued by the plan, the Don calls his son-in-law, Roger Odem Booth and his partner, Carl Jesse James out of hiding to assist Stu in his efforts. With cunning and careful planning, plus the aid of greedy Senator Boehk, nearly one billion dollars is appropriated and the con game becomes a success. When faced with the present economy and the resulting clamor for jobs offered as a front to their actions, Roger and Carl take the Stimulus Package to new heights and once again prove these two con men have hearts as big as Texas. In the end, everyone is a winner, or are they?

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Boyd, Karl

Dragonslayers: Battle Rhythm

Title: Dragonslayers: Battle Rhythm
Author: K. Rowe
Genre: Fiction, Military
Reviewer: John Cathcart

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): B006CBFKA6

Blood is thicker than water… and when it’s the blood of a Dragonslayer, there will be hell to pay.

The Dragonslayers return with a vengeance to fight terrorism with in another installment of the exciting Dragonslayers Saga. The unorthodox team comes under fire from the most unlikely source, so they must stick together, or be destroyed. They find out that state-of-the-art body armor isn’t the only thing that will save them when bullets are flying.

Not all of their battles happen on the battlefield. For many, there’s a battle raging within, as they grapple with their own demons and a society that doesn’t accept them. In Australia, Captain Tige St. Ivor is faced with his own dilemma: an assignment that involves killing one of his best friends. Captain Cabbott Westmoreland fights to be accepted by his own family. And terrorism hits too close to home for Major D.M. Elliott, as he must find a way to protect his father from extremists. Through it all, they live by the code of honor, valor, and sacrifice.

Be sure to read: Project: Dragonslayers, the book that started it all, which was nominated for the Military Writer’s Society of America Fiction—Thriller Award for 2011.

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Rowe, K.