Nilo Ha Tien: A Novel of Naval Intelligence in Cambodia

Title: Nilo Ha Tien: A Novel of Naval Intelligence in Cambodia
Author: HL Serra
Genre: Fiction, Historical
Reviewer: Bob Flournoy

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1438987544

Historical Fiction, U.S. Navy, Vietnam War In the early months of 1970, LT Thomas Medici, NILO Ha Tien, enters Cambodia on U.S. Naval Intelligence missions and negotiates a secret weapons agreement with the Cambodian Navy, then thwarts the destruction of of the Port of Sihanoukville- for which he is tried at a Naval Board of Inquiry."This remarkable novel relates many events that our Naval Intelligence Liaison Officers actually experienced during the Cambodia episode of the Vietnam War. The details of these events are fascinating." VADM Rex Rectanus (Ret.), former Director of Naval Intelligence and Ass't. Chief of Staff (Intelligence) for VADM Elmo Zumwalt, Commander Naval Forces, Vietnam (1968-1970)" HL Serra's novel draws the reader into the clandestine world of covert operations and Navy spy networks operating in Cambodia in early 1970. The book is a terrific read and one of those rare novels that speaks truth on every page about an innovative and effective strategic intelligence program." Prof. Larry Berman, UC Davis, author of books on Vietnam, including Perfect Spy, No Peace, No Honor, and the forth coming first biography of Admiral Elmo Russell Zumwalt, Jr.

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Serra, HL

My Blissful Life As a Submariner's Wife

Title: My Blissful Life As a Submariner's Wife
Author: MJ Allaire
Genre: Fiction, Military, Navy
Reviewer: Bill McDonald

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 0981936806

Imagine yourself as a young mother, half the world away from loved ones as a military dependent, then compound this with the much larger challenge of raising a family by yourself because your military spouse is always gone. No amount of money can replace when an active duty military member misses some of life's major milestones, such as the birth of a child, a baby's first steps, or a high school graduation.

Follow one woman as she struggles to provide balance and stability to her dependent children while her husband serves his country. Her trials and tribulations will provide insight to just a few of the challenges faced by today's military family.

Think you understand the life of a military dependent?

Think again . . .

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Allaire, MJ

Murder on the Cocktail Circuit

Title: Murder on the Cocktail Circuit
Author: Charles Gibb
Genre: Fiction, Thriller
Reviewer: Mike Mullins

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 0595094651

Navy SEAL Commander Scotty Ferguson, who received the Medal of Honor in Vietnam, is sent covertly to the Flagship of the Sixth Fleet on the pretense of protecting the ship and admiral. His real orders are to be available to the President, on a moment's notice, to enter Libya and locate an atomic bomb factory that has the capability to place the bomb inside a laptop computer. He is assisted by the lovely CIA agent Alexandra Thorton.

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Gibb, Charles

Moryak: A Novel of the Russian Revolution

Title: Moryak: A Novel of the Russian Revolution
Author: Lee Mandel
Genre: Fiction, Thriller
Reviewer: John R. R. Faulkner

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 1440141509

President Theodore Roosevelt learns that it is the intention of Russian Tsar Nicholas II to sabotage the Portsmouth Peace Conference in 1905. In response, he sends Lieutenant Stephen Morrison on a top secret mission with British agent Sidney Reilly to kidnap the Tsar and remove him from Russia. Morrison, a complex man, who was born in Russia, is also fluent in the language and is knowledgeable in Russian political affairs.
The mission goes awry when Morrison is captured and later sentenced to death. Through a twist of fate, he assumes the identity of the leader of the infamous Potemkin mutiny and is sent to the Imperial Labor Camp on Solovetsky Island. Due to his fearless and violent nature, he catches the attention of the Bolshevik prisoners and becomes known as "Moryak" (Russian for Sailor). Upon his release from ten years in prison, Morrison is invited to join the Bolsheviks. Soon, he is able to infiltrate Lenin's inner circle working as a spy for the Allies during the Great War. Morrison's long and complex mission comes to a harrowing conclusion on the eve of the Russian civil war.

Author(s) Mentioned: 
Mandel, Lee

Gift of Change

Title: Gift of Change
Author: D. T. Sanders
Genre: Fiction, Sci Fi
Reviewer: Richard Barone

ISBN (links go to the MWSA Amazon store): 0595193269

A talent for overcoming impossible odds, that's what got Jason McCullan, a brilliant Imperial engineering officer made a hero of the Empire. Now that the Empire has turned against him, he'll need every ounce of that talent if he and his starship crew are to survive.

Of course everyone needs a little help. For Jason, his pilot Falon, and their artificially intelligent ships computer, Fred, help comes in the form of a dead telepathic alien and a superior, ancient technology with a mind of its own. But free help can be as dangerous as free advice, as Jason and his friends soon find themselves struggling against the very technology that could save them. Jason and his friends must master this technology before either it or the Empire can control them. They will have to turn impossible odds into survival solutions.

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Sanders, D. T.